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Grace Groups

As isolation sets in as a societal norm, Grace Bible is committed to opportunities where our people can develop strong, biblical friendships.  Grace Groups provide that opportunity. 

Our Grace Groups are adult small groups and Bible studies that meet either weekly or bi-weekly.  Groups usually gather in homes, though a few meet during the week at the church office or at other locations around town.  We have groups with both men and women, Bible studies for men and women only, and college age Bible studies.  Child care reimbursement forms are available. 

All Grace Groups involve some form of Bible study, prayer, and a commitment that each person in the group will be known and loved. 

If you want to join a Grace Group, simply choose from one of the groups listed below and send an email to the contact email listed. The group leader will let you know the location. You can also contact our Director of Community Life, Danica Boyd, at , and she will connect you. 


Barkley/McKenzie: Sunday evenings: sermon questions & prayer: 

Blackwood/Farris: Sunday evenings: sermon questions & prayer:   

Boyd: Sunday evenings: sermon questions & prayer:  

Eddleman: Sunday evenings: fellowship & prayer:   

Garneau/Richardson: Friday evenings & Sunday afternoon: sermon questions & prayer:  

Monteith: Sunday evenings: material TBD:  

Scruggs: Sunday evenings: sermon questions & prayer:  

Shaw: Sunday evenings: material TBD:  

Teague: Sunday evenings: sermon questions & prayer:  

Thompson: Sunday evenings: sermon questions & prayer:  


If you are interested in a women's, men's, or college Bible Study, please email the leader for that ministry listed below. You can also visit our Men's Ministry and Women's Ministry pages. 

Men's Bible Studies: Brandon Beckett:  

Women's Bible Studies: Kevie O'haver:  

College Bible Studies: Joel Hurdle: