History of Grace

"The work of salvation is always local... And so it is necessary that a love of locale be recovered: this street, these trees, this humidity, these houses. Without reverence for the local, obedience floats on the clouds of abstraction. Every time a rock is named, a flower identified, a house number located, a street walked, the gospel is served. By observing texture and color, by insisting on immediate particularity, space is cleared and location provided for yet another spin-off of the Incarnation, most of which came to its definitive form in small towns and down country roads."
~Eugene H. Peterson, Take & Read

Grace Bible Church began in 2005, when several families began to gather in the home of one of the founders of the church to study the Bible and pray for wisdom from God about whether or not to start a new church in the community. The first members saw the need for an elder-led church in Oxford, committed to expository teaching and small group life, and open to a different approach to worship music.

The church began holding public worship services in the Oxford Conference Center in the fall of 2005, and remained there for over four years. Every Sunday over those four years volunteers in the church packed and unpacked all the equipment used in the worship service and in the children’s ministry.

In December, 2009, Grace moved into its first facility on Heritage Drive. Grace remained at that location until January 2015. The church grew from those few families to over 200 members, with 600-800 attending the worship services on Sunday mornings and more children than the facility could handle.

After much prayer and conversation, on January 11th, 2015, Grace moved its Sunday morning worship to the recently renovated Oxford Middle School. This move dramatically increased our worship space and children ministry capacity. In October of 2018, Grace moved to a facility on West Oxford Loop as an office building. 

In August of 2020, Grace moved to a building on University Avenue to serve as an office and meet additional ministry needs. Grace Bible currently operates out of this facility, with Sunday mornings at Oxford Middle School. 

Grace has grown and many of the faces have changed, yet the mission remains the same: to preach and live out the gospel of Jesus Christ in Oxford, and to make and support disciples who will take that same gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth. By God’s grace we hope to continually grow more and more into that mission, and to fulfill the biblical mandate to “present everyone perfect in Christ” (Colossians 1:28).