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We will meet at Oxford Middle School, 222 Bramlett Blvd, Oxford, MS 38655 beginning June 28, 2020. We will have 1 service time at 10:30am. Please continue to wear a mask to the service.  We will hand masks out at the door for those who need them.  Once you sit down in your seat, you can take your mask off as households should be sitting six feet apart.  We will ask you to put your masks back on when we sing.
There will be no nursery or childcare of any kind, nor will there be Sunday school for any age group.  We don’t anticipate resuming these activities until August at the earliest.  
However, if you have small children, we are glad to help pay for childcare during this season so your kids can stay at home and you can attend.  Just go to the website and click on the “Sunday Childcare Reimbursement” at the top of the front page and fill out the form.  

Wednesday Night Service is not meeting during the Summer. We will announce here when they will start again. 

We also have a Wednesday night prayer and worship service in our building at 2704 W. Oxford Loop, Suite 115.  A catered meal ($7 per person, $1 for college students, $18 max per family) is served at 5:15, followed by a service at 6PM.  This service involves singing, a brief devotional talk, and concludes with about twenty minutes of corporate prayer.  Childcare is provided for little children.

People who attend any church, and especially the churches in our area, often ask
similar questions about worship. Here are some of our responses to these common

What is the preaching like?

The preaching of God’s Word is the focus of our services and is, in and of itself, an act of worship. We typically preach straight through books of the Bible. We think this is the best way to learn “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). It also keeps us from skipping difficult and uncomfortable subjects. The Bible is the primary way God has chosen to reveal himself to mankind. We desperately need to know God personally and trust his grace. Therefore, our preaching centers on God, who he is, what he is doing in the world, and how we as part of his creation can know him. Nevertheless, our prayer is that our preaching is highly relevant to your life. We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ is the most relevant thing in the world, and applicable to all areas of life (money, sex, relationships, work, children, etc). Yet when we refuse to preach God’s word, and instead feel it necessary to give merely “good advice” about how to get through life, we fall into the error of weak, uninspired teaching.

Is your worship "traditional" or "contemporary"?

Most people would characterize our worship music as contemporary. However, our goal is not simply to preserve any musical traditions through the singing of hymns, nor is our goal to keep up with every popular “church music” trend in order to market ourselves as "contemporary." Our goal, rather, is to worship God. When we lift up our voices we sing not ourselves.

All true worship is participatory, so we seek to involve all people in the worship service through prayer, the reading of Scripture, the preaching of the Word, the observance of the ordinances, and, of course, corporate (everyone) singing. Our goal in worship music is to select songs that combines biblical doctrine with powerful, affecting, poetic wording - such songs have been called "theology on fire." Some of the songs we use were written three years ago, some were written more than three hundred years ago. However, our prayer is that everyone who attends Grace can learn from, sing, and enjoy the songs chosen.