In the main hallway of our church, you will find our resource center. It is a "book stall" of sorts with recommended works that we sell at cost. You will also find a number of small pamphlets on practical topics related to Christian counseling. We encourage you to stop by one Sunday and grab something. Since we are limited with what we can put in our resource center, we've also listed below many different book recommendations on a variety of spiritual and practical topics, some of which you will find in our resource center. We hope this is helpful to you. Happy reading!

List of Books

See a list of books below that have touched members and elders of Grace Bible Church over the years.

Christian Living and Personal Growth

Exploring Christianity


Marriage and Family

Family Worship Resources

Doctrine and Theology

Christian Philosophy and Ideas

Church History

Missions and Evangelism

Church and Pastoring

Introduction to Scripture/Commentaries