Below you will find our regular channels of communication to the church and the ways you can subscribe to each (if applicable). We hope these resources assist you in knowing more about the life of our church. Also included are resources we've put together for the spiritual benefit of our congregation, like the Advent Devotional.

Church Newsletter

To subscribe to our church newsletter, which is sent out almost every Wednesday of the year through MailChimp, click here. In our newsletter, you will find relevant updates for that week, a letter from one of our pastors, J.D. Shaw, announcements, upcoming fellowship opportunities, and weekly financial updates.

Sunday Bulletin

Every Sunday morning, we provide a bulletin to our attendees, which aids us in corporate worship. However, throughout every bulletin is some of the same information you can find in our newsletter (only it's in print). See an example below!

Advent Devotional

A few years ago, our church put together an Advent Devotional, which we have added to every year since. In it, we collectively look at what may be one of the most important questions in the entire Christian faith: why did Jesus come? We pray that you and your families will be blessed, encouraged, and edified as you read this collection of responses from members, elders, and staff within our church family.