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As isolation becomes more of a societal norm, Grace Bible Church is committed to creating small group contexts where our people can develop strong, Christian friendships. All of the listings below provide that opportunity.

Community Groups

Our community groups are co-ed small groups that meet Sunday evenings on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis in a member's home (typically taking a break during the Christmas and summer seasons). We believe community groups are a vital part of the life of our church. They provide the opportunity for our people to form strong, biblical friendships. All community groups are more "fellowship-based" rather than "instruction-based" and involve some form of fellowship, prayer, and a commitment that each person in the group will be known and loved. However, some of our groups might also do a Bible study or read through a book together for mutual instruction and study. To get more information, you can visit our connections area in the lobby of the church on a Sunday morning or fill out this form. Please note that while spots might be open in the middle of the fall or spring, we typically onboard new participants in August and January respectively.


Men's and Women's Bible Studies

While our community groups are co-ed and more "fellowship-based," we also have numerous men's and women's Bible studies that are more "instruction-based," though there is fellowship to be had in these contexts as well. To learn more about our regular offerings, see the Women's Ministry and Men's Ministry pages. You can also fill out this form to get more information about gender-specific Bible study offerings at any given time. 

Core Seminars

Formerly known to most as "Sunday School," Core Seminars are meant to foster the congregation’s growth in biblical knowledge and application of biblical truths to all of life. This is primarily achieved in the context of communal learning, conversation, and engagement. We offer Core Seminar classes for children (ages 2 to 11), youth (ages 12 to 18), college students, and adults from 9:30 to 10:15 before the worship service on Sunday mornings. Every age group has a class that goes through the whole Bible on a 3-year cycle. Along with the Bible Overview course, we often offer various other courses on specific books of the bible, systematic theology, or practical topics. Teachers are lay members, elders, and pastors at Grace, who regularly meet for training, feedback, and preparation. To learn more about our classes, click here