International Student Ministry 

The University of Mississippi hosts over 1,200 students from over 90 different countries each semester. Statistics tell us that the vast majority of these students will never step foot in an American home and will experience deep bouts of loneliness and depression. It is our hope to reach these students by offering a place of community and hospitality. If you are interested in helping with the international student ministry, please reach out to Skyler Flowers for how you can partner with us or fill out this form. We have many opportunities for connecting with students to foster these relationships, such as in-home Bible studies and small groups for non-Christians, on-campus Bible studies for Christian students, a Tuesday lunch on campus, monthly lunches and discussions with international cuisine, and trips during the semester breaks.

If you are unsure if you can participate, we would also like to invite you to pray for the ministry on a regular basis. The nations have come to Oxford, and it is our hope to reach them so that we might see Christians raised up here and sent across the world with the power of the gospel message in their hearts and on their lips.