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Our college students are devoted to encouraging one another and growing in the knowledge of God and his Word. We encourage one another through fellowship, discipleship, and striving to love each other in the same way that Christ loved us. We do our best at Grace to encourage college students to join our church and to become in the life of the church as we expect of any other adult at Grace. 

Meet Our College Ministry Staff




Associate Pastor

Student Ministry, College Ministry, and Adult Education

College Core Seminar

College can be a difficult and complicated time in life, so it is a huge blessing to have brothers and sisters in Christ who love and support you during these four years. Grace College is full of students who love God, love His Word, and want to see the gospel turn Oxford upside down. Grace College ministry meets as a Core Seminar on Sundays. For more information about our Core Seminars, click here.

Monthly Fellowship Events



Our college students are invited join us as we meet for our monthly fellowship events. These monthly events are for the purposes of mutual encouragement and edification. Sometimes, we'll meet at the church, and other times, we'll meet at a member's home. Look for information about these gatherings in our church newsletter and bulletin, which is shared each week. If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, click here. You can grab one of our bulletins during the Sunday morning worship service at Grace.

International Student Ministry

To learn more about how we serve international students, click here or contact Skyler Flowers for more information.